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polemorphic display system
PoleMorphics Display System
  • flexible system with many options
  • customized to your design
  • pole can be fitted with snap frames, lockable frames, edge lit light boxes, brochure holders and/or banner rails
slimline light box
Executive Display Stand
  • normally fitted with 3 off A3 portrait double sided snap frames
  • 1800mm tall
mall stands
Mall Stand
  • fitted with a double sided EASY LOADER snap frame
  • sizes vary from A4 to A0
stainless steel poster stand
Stainless Steel Poster Stand
  • simply slide your poster in from the top
  • sizes vary from A4 to A0
menu and notifier stand
Menu and Notifier Stand
  • fitted with snap lock EASY LOADER poster frame
  • normally A3 landscape poster frame
curved menu stand
Curved Menu Stand
  • fitted with 25mm snapframe (mitred corner)
  • A4 portrait, A3 portrait and A3 landscape
slimline light box
Brochure Pedestal
  • fitted with a wide range of different sized brochure holders
  • custom made
slimline light box
Communicator Mall Display Stand
  • normally fitted with a double sided snap frame for posters measuring 1000mm x 700mm
  • custom made
  • flexible system with many options
  • customized to your design
corflute insert t-stand
Corflute Insert T-Stand
  • fitted with a blank corflute panel
  • corflute panels are inserted by sliding them in from the top
counter display stand
Counter Display Stand
  • fitted with either single or double sided EASY LOADER click frames
  • normally A4 or A3 in size
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