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Laser Cutting & Engraving

Our dual head Golden laser engraver / cutter has a working surface of 1500mm x 900mm.

The laser is equipped with a 120W laser for cutting thick material quickly and economically as well as a 50W laser for fine, detailed engraving.

This laser together with our Shannon bender, enables us to make a wide range of display products.


With these machines we are able to:

  • Brand your products
  • Engrave WriteLite Message Boards and other acrylic products
  • Manufacture custom components for our PoleMorphics and other display stands
  • Manufacture a variety of acrylic displays
  • Produce poster displays using acrylic and either plastic or metal multi mount standoffs
  • Engrave glass, wood, acrylic, coated aluminium, rubber, marble as well as Rowmark laserable plastics with many different finishes
  • Cut acrylic, wood, MDF, cloth
  • Supply acrylic or wooden letters


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