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slimlock key lockable poster frame
SlimLock Key Lockable Poster Frame
  • Extremely durable, weather proof and vandal resistant
  • 52mm wide, 30mm thick
  • Lockable poster frame or magnetic display board
  • For interior or exterior use
  • 1 or 2 locks subject on hinged side opening door
slimlock illuminated menu case
SlimLock Illuminated Menu Case
  • Durable 52 x 3Ømm aluminium frame with vandal resistant polycarbonate glazing panel
  • Stock units ready for self-adhesive vinyl headers
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • 4 stock sizes available
slimloack key lockable notice board
SlimLock Key Lockable Notice Board
  • Designed so you can securely display your notices, allowing no unauthorised access
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • 52mm wide, 30mm deep
  • Lockable notice board, cork board, felt board or pin board
Light boxes
Hi-Sight Poster Frame
  • Pull-down poster cartridge for safe and easy poster change
  • Maximise the visibility of store front promotions
  • Allows mounting up to three times higher off the ground than traditional poster frames
  • Fixed magnetic poster cover
  • Excellent weather resistance
Light boxes
Poster Vault Frameless Poster Holder
  • Only 10mm thick sleek poster frame to securely hold your poster
  • Secured with a clear overlay with a magnetic border
  • Only a suction cap is required to open the Poster Vault
  • Available in A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes ex stock
Light boxes
Duraframe Magnetic Frame for Metal Surfaces
  • Quick and easy exchange of information through fold-back magnetic frame
  • Can be used in portrait or landscape format
  • Available in A5, A4 and A3 sizes ex stock
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mini easy loader snap frame
Mini EASY LOADER Snap Frame
  • Patented and manufactured locally
  • 25mm wide, 13mm thick
  • Normally fitted with 3mm coreflute backing and 1mm clear PVC overlay
  • Can be fitted to light boxes and display stands
classic easy loader snap frame
Classic EASY LOADER Snap Frame
  • Display posters of up to 3m x 2m
  • 42mm wide, 13mm thick
  • Can be fitted to light boxes and display stands
  • Single or double sided
double sided easy loader snap frame
Double Sided EASY LOADER Snap Frame
  • Ideal for 42mm wide, 18mm thick
  • Ideal for ceiling suspension in shop windows
  • Can be fitted to display stands
uniloader snap frame
UniLOADER Snap Frame
  • A stylish design with a flat front face
  • 25mm wide, 15mm thick
  • Also come in a larger section i.e. Maxi UniLOADER
maxi uniloader snap frame
Maxi UniLOADER Snap Frame
  • Based on UniLOADER frame but has both a wider and thicker design
  • 32mm wide, 18mm thick
  • Posters of up to 1.2m x 3m in size
snapframe15 snap frame
SnapFrame15 Snap Frame
  • Most affordable range of snap frames
  • Mitred corners
  • 15mm wide, 13mm thick
  • Also available in 25 and 32mm
  • Anti-glare PVC cover sheet
snapframe25 snap frame
SnapFrame25 Snap Frame
  • Most affordable range of snap frames
  • Round or mitred corners
  • 25mm wide, 13mm thick
  • Also available in 15 and 32mm
  • Anti-glare PVC cover sheet
snapframe32 snap frame
SnapFrame32 Snap Frame
  • Most affordable range of snap frames
  • Round or mitred corners
  • 32mm wide, 19mm thick
  • Also available in 15 and 25mm
  • Anti-glare PVC cover sheet
jumbo easy loader snap frame
Jumbo EASY LOADER Snap Frame
  • Versatile profile for flex face signs, edge-lit light boxes and jumbo size poster frames
  • 64mm wide, 32mm thick
  • Can be back-lit or edge-lit to produce our Ultra32 light box
  • Australian made
allen key lockable snap frame
Allen Key Lockable Snap Frame
  • Secured with a single Allen head security screw
  • 32mm wide
  • Stop unauthorised access
  • The 4 sides are closed sequentially