Custom LED Art Light Boxes

Custom LED Art Light Boxes Light boxes

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Customise your own image, photo or patting into a light box display (you will need a digital file for images i.e if you have a painting or photo you will need to digitalise the file for printing onto a translucent photo film.

Our LED Art Light Boxes are specially designed to enhance the impact of photographic images. Custom designed and manufactured to the dimensions of the artwork and the style preferred, they’re favoured by by artists for their exceptional quality and the value they add to each piece of art. Featuring both backlit and edge lit LED technology, these light boxes provide a clean, consistent light source. Fine borders keep the focus on the work being displayed, and the colour of both the frame and the face panel borders can be powder coated to match a colour scheme.

  • From 19MM to 104MM (options available)
  • Options for easy image change-out and wall mounting – Change your image in seconds
  • Low power consumption
  • No heat generated
  • No maintenance required
  • Ideal for artists, corporate offices, art galleries, private homes, events and displays
  • Totally flush face light box
  • Multiple light boxes can be butted up against each other
  • Can be recessed
  • Tamper safe
  • Aluminium – weather resistant – corrosion free
  • Eco-friendly

Colour option (in stock): Silver anodised frame with silver painted border, Black frame with black painted border.
Custom colours are also available.