StormLock for Movie Posters

StormLock for Movie Posters Light boxes

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Specifically modified for Movie Posters of varying sizes

Modified StormLock outdoor light box to allow for varying sizes of movie posters
Units have a special acrylic panel, held on the inside of the door with magnets, for sandwiching the poster
Custom made and printed movie sprocket image is applied to the front acrylic panel to mask the outer edges of the movie poster thus allowing you to put posters of varying sizes into this poster pocket without the edges showing
A magnet at the top of the poster holds it in place
We can also print your logo in the space at the bottom of the image (included in price)
Totally waterproof
Colour options include silver anodised frame with black painted border

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40" x 27" (1016 x 686mm)


Silver anodised frame with black painted border

Custom Options

No customised options available


Movie Poster size 40″ x 27″ (1016 x 686 mm)
Includes printing of your logo onto the front acrylic panel
Two rows of rubber seals & specially designed internal channels for waterproofing
Power supplies housed inside unit for hard wiring
Custom made to hold Movie Poster sizes
Light source: LED
Door opening type (with locks)
Door fitted with gas struts to keep them open when changing posters

Sizes & Pricing

Movie Poster Size: 40″ x 27″ (1016 x 686mm) – $1,520.78
(includes printing of logo on request)